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Antiquity Sandals Historic Footwear

Antiquity Sandals Historic Footwear

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 Material: PU Leather


Important Notice:

Foot length is not the insole length.

Foot length is not the outsole length.

Foot length < Insole Length < Outsole Length

1. Please choose size according to foot length, (Don't choose size according to your country usual size !!!)

For Example:If you measure Heel to Toe is 27 cm,Please Choose size 44=US Size 10

2. Our Shoes marked Chinese shoes size or corresponding foot length.

3. CN size 44(27cm). This 27CM is not insole length or outsole length, it means foot length only.

4. Due to different display and shooting angle, it may be a little color difference from the real one.

***If you have any questions, please contact me.***

***Size chart***

EU Size35=US4.5 =Foot Length 22.1-22.5cm

EU Size36=US5 =Foot Length 22.6-23.0cm

EU Size37=US5.5 =Foot Length 23.1-23.5cm

EU Size38=US6 =Foot Length 23.6-24.0cm

EU Size39=US6.5 =Foot Length 24.1-24.5cm

EU Size40=US7 =Foot Length 24.6-25.0cm

EU Size41=US8 =Foot Length 25.1-25.5cm

EU Size42=US8.5 =Foot Length 25.6-26.0cm

EU Size43=US9.5 =Foot Length 26.1-26.5cm

EU Size44=US10 =Foot Length 26.6-27.0cm

EU Size45=US11 =Foot Length 27.1-27.5cm

EU Size46=US12 =Foot Length 27.6-28.0cm

EU Size47=US12.5 =Foot Length 28.1-28.5cm

EU Size48=US12.5 =Foot Length 28.6-29.0cm