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Chinese Traditional Seasons Landscape Scroll Paintings

Chinese Traditional Seasons Landscape Scroll Paintings

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Medium: Waterproof Ink

Made with real wood


We support custom printing

Customization steps:

1. Choose the customization option and the size you want.
2. Please upload high-resolution pictures to our mailbox ( as much as possible, and note the order number. Or send us the download address of the picture.This can keep the pixels of the picture as much as possible to avoid the picture from being compressed.
3. The customer service will check the mailbox and message box after receiving the order. Arrange for the workers to make and mail it as soon as possible
4. When you encounter any problems during purchasing and transportation. Please leave us a message. We will handle it for you as soon as possible.

Product Manual:

1.Canvas: Matte oil canvas. Waterproof ink micro spray production. Can keep the color for a long time.
2.canvas scroll: made of Black walnut. Real wood, natural color.Lasting without deformation.
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