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Egyptian Gods Tag Anubis Hieroglyphe

Egyptian Gods Tag Anubis Hieroglyphe

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Metals Type: Stainless Steel

Size: 3cm × 2.1cm /chain 55cm

Packaging: Individually packed


Egyptian Pharaoh Patronus Totem Pendant Symbol''The Eight Great Gods of Ancient Egypt, Horus and AnubisThe god of death Anubis in the shape of a wolf-headed man holding a scepter, the eagle-headed god Horus, the king of the underworld, holding a scepter, the patron saint of the pharaohsHis eyes represent the sun and the moon''

Material:Stainless steel

Chains are distributed randomly and may not be consistent with the picture chain.

Dimensions may vary slightly due to manual measurements.

1. Due to the difference of light and the difference of different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. Therefore, the actual delivery shall prevail!
2. If you have any questions about the order, please contact the store customer service staff in time for feedback.