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Holster Bag Wallet undercostume

Holster Bag Wallet undercostume

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Material: Faux Leather



Product introduction:

·This product is a high quality historical replica, modeled after the Viking age design. We use high quality imitation leather, combined with hand sewing and meticulous finishing techniques to create amazing imitation leather product.

·This product is light, durable, easy to wear and other characteristics, is your participation in the drama performance, historical recreation, Larp activities ideal choice.

Choose us, let the historical revival in your side!


·Maintenance: Do not use oily cosmetics and stain cleaners to avoid damage to imitation leather.  Please wipe with a dry cloth and keep dry to prolong the service life of the product.

·Dressing: Please strengthen training on dressing skills to avoid personal injury in the process of dressing.  Do not use in dangerous conditions.

·Storage: Keep the product in a cool, ventilated and dry environment to avoid deterioration due to moisture.