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Umbrella Japanese Traditional

Umbrella Japanese Traditional

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handle length: 58cm

diameter: 82cm

Please pay attention before buying:

The material of the product is: silk umbrella

The color of the silk decorative paper umbrella is beautiful.

Special attention: silk umbrella can block the rain

All umbrellas are 82CM in diameter and 41CM in radius. Can accommodate 1-2 people.

This is a silk umbrella, which can be used for decoration at home or restaurant. It can be used as stage props to prevent rain, snow and sun. You can leave a message telling me what style you want, or just note when order ,such as :A16, ----Don't worry about no stock, all products are digital printing, with our master manual production, all products are shipped within 3 days after payment. 95% of product are immediate delivery.

Remarks are the most effective way, the warehouse can see your notes directly. Don't worry.

Support customization, you can customize any pattern, 25 pieces of the same pattern, the price is the same as the original price. Please contact customer service for customization.

Notice before purchase:

dear friend,

In China, the non-material culture "oil paper umbrella" in addition to the handle fixed need to be made of wood and bamboo, the umbrella surface generally has two kinds of materials, one is silk cloth, the other is paper made of cotton, and tung oil. They are collectively referred to as "oil paper umbrellas" because they all have the style of oil paper umbrellas.

About silk: when it is translated into English, it will be confused with silk. But please come to the buyer of our shop to understand that it's not the transparent silk you think, but a kind of cloth called silk cloth. It can prevent sun and light rain, and is more conducive to handmade. And it's good and cheap.

So we can get cheap and beautiful "oil paper umbrella". Please be clear about this material. It's cloth, not other silk fabrics or satin.

In addition, due to the problem of shooting light and monitor, there will be slight color difference. When you place the umbrella in different light or apply to different models of mobile phones, you will find that the color is different, but we try our best to restore the original color of the picture. Thank you for your support and understanding!